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Dennerle FB1 Substrate Start
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Dennerle FB1 Substrate Start
Gamintojas: DENNERLE
Prekės kodas: FB1
Prekė jau įsigijo: 1663 kartus
Ar turime: Išparduota
Kaina: 9.99€
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FB1 Substrate Start

FB1 SubstrateStart is a highly active mixture of selected bed bacteria. All you need to do is spread it onto the mid-layer cover it over with aquarium gravel or soil.

FB1 bacteria are activated immediately upon coming into contact with water, thus transforming the bed of the aquarium into an active bio-filter. Living humus bacteria pre-digest nutrients to convert them into a form that plants can use. For a quick, reliable start.

Enough for a 120L / 80cm tank.

The most important little miracle-workers in every aquarium Bacteria are crucial to ensuring that an aquarium functions correctly. Only when the bed, filter material and water are colonised by the right (!) bacteria will the fish excrement, dead plant matter and food residues which continually occur in aquaria be degraded and eliminated, along with substances harmful to fish such as ammonia and nitrite.

An aquarium is practically sterile when it is first set up. Without active assistance, it may thus take several months for a stable bacterial fauna to develop. The water quality may vary considerably during this period. This often leads to poor plant growth, algae problems and an increased susceptibility to disease, and may even claim the lives of fish.

Fully biological rapid activation To combat this problem, Dennerle‘s research team has developed special bacterial preparations. FB 1 SubstrateStart is a highly active mixture of selected bed bacteria for all fresh water aquaria. All FB 1 bacteria have been isolated from natural waters, propagated in pure cultures and optimised in years of intensive research work for use in the low-oxygen (anaerobic) environment of the aquarium bed.

FB 1 bacteria are supplied in immobilised or “dormant” state on a mineral carrier material. As soon as they come into contact with water they become active, multiplying and actively colonising the entire bed.

FB 1 SubstrateStart:

• Quickly transforms the aquarium bed into an active bio-filter

• Improves the water quality, to the benefit of the fish

• With living FB1 humus bacteria – transform sludge into plant nutrients.

• Ensures all aquarium plants get off to a good start and develop strong roots

• Kick-starts your aquarium bed into life

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